The Real (But Still Amazing) Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

The Benefits of Ketogenic diet are almost countless, it offers a great solution for major problems like obesity, epilepsy, diabetes and more.

Keto diet, very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets (VLCKD) is the most talked about diet since 2013! It wasn’t discovered in this millennium actually it has been used 500 years BC! (find more about its origin and history in this article).

Ketodiet is a very low carbs diet, unlike Atkins that depends mainly on proteins, keto diet solely depends on fatty food! Yes, where more than 70% of your food intake comes from fats, 20% from protein and less than 10% from carbs!

This equation is essential as the more fats you consume, the more likely your body enters a state called ketosis!

Ketosis or the ketonic state is a metabolic state where your body burns its fuel from fatty acids not from glucose (carbs in origin). maintaining this state for at least one week and up to 6 months holds many benefits!

Not only do you lose weight! But you can treat and prevent some serious diseases.  Still hesitant about following a ketogenic diet?  Dietlife will tell you why would you follow it. Actually 13 reasons why!

13 benefits of ketogenic diet

  1. Weight loss:

DAH!  When your body goes into ketosis, you lose weight and the bonus is that your weight loss is almost purely fats! Know how fast will you lose weight with keto diet!

  1. Lower the risk of cancer:

benefits of ketogenic diet

Many studies have confirmed the positive correlation between obesity and increased risk of cancer. So, when you lose the extra weight you automatically lower the risk for cancer. Extra bonus?

Some studies suggested that following ketogenic diet can treat cancer not only prevent it! Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy with nutritional ketonic state enforces extra oxidative stress on cancer cells rather than normal cells leading to apoptosis (programmed cell death) of cancer cells! Voila, treatment of cancer!

  1. Healthier heart:

When you follow the ketogenic diet correctly (eating more avocado not more bacon) you can totally enhance your heart efficiency. First you lose the extra weight that is affecting your heart’s performance, you become healthier, lighter and can exercise easily. This reflects on your heart positively. Also adding nutritious food to your Ketodiet can decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels which decreases the risk for atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

  1. Better mental health:

Few researches have suggested that high fat diets (aka ketogenic diet) have a neuroprotective function, since the myelin sheath that covers our nerves is made of fats! This fact means that ketogenic diet enhances your mental health, improves alertness and increases your focus. And cognitive functions. Bonus? It can protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism.

  1. Less seizures frequency:

Ketogenic diet was initially designed for epileptic children to decrease the frequency and gravity of their seizures. History confirmed that it is effective in treating epilepsy (check ketogenic diet history here) and now scientific research is proving it too.

  1. Improves symptoms of PCOS:

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a common endocrinal disorder where females suffer from cysts on their ovaries that directly affect its hormonal functions. Symptoms of PCOS include: Obesity, hormonal disturbances, hirsutism (dark thick hair in beard area) and prediabetic glucose levels in the blood. One pilot study proved that most of these symptoms were alleviated when these women followed a standard ketogenic diet for 24 weeks.

  1. Better insulin sensitivity in Diabetes type 2:

The main problem in diabetes type 2 is the increased insulin resistance, causing increased glucose levels in the blood and all the consequences of hyperglycemia. Following a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat diet) forces the body to enter a ketonic state where it depends on fatty acids for fuel rather than glucose. This improves insulin sensitivity, decreases insulin resistance and controls blood sugar levels easing all related diabetic symptoms.

  1. Lowers blood pressure:

benefits of ketogenic diet

Hypertension or increased blood pressure is a silent killer. Low carb diets like ketogenic diet has been proved to lower blood pressure reducing the risk factor for heart diseases and stroke.

  1. Improvement of metabolic syndrome:

Metabolic syndrome is a number of symptoms that are directly related to your metabolic state. these symptoms include:  obesity especially fat deposition around the waist. Hypertension, Diabetes type 2, and Increased blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Following a low carb diet directly improves all these symptoms , and protects you against all its health risks.

  1. Better satiety:

Ketogenic offers a unique benefit as it is almost the only diet where you feel full most of the time! The ketonic state your body reaches controls your hunger hormones and makes you feel less and less hungry both mentally and physically. Other low carb diets doesn’t make you feel full , as your brain doesn’t get enough glucose. But in keto diet , you replace glucose with fatty acids , so your brain is always fueled and doesn’t signal any hunger signs.

  1. Improved lipid profile:

Ketogenic diet drastically improves your triglyceride blood levels. Increases good (HDL)cholesterol and decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol in your blood. This totally improves your odds against heart diseases. Not sure? Measure your fasting triglycerides blood levels and cholesterol levels before starting a ketogenic diet. Measure it again after 24 weeks of standard ketogenic diet and find for yourself!

  1. Thinner waist line:

A thinner waist line is one of the main benefits of ketogenic diet

Excess Abdominal visceral fats and an increased waist/hip ratio is directly proportional to risks of diabetes and heart diseases. Following a low carb diet directly targets this fat, improving your odds against metabolic diseases and cardiac problems. And a bonus? Clothes will look ravishing on you now! Miranda Priestly has got nothing on you now!

  1. Glowing skin:

The relationship between food and skin is eternal. The healthier food you eat, the better your skin will look. Vitamin rich food and drinking enough water can do the trick for a glowing skin. But ketogenic offers an extra bonus as it helps reduce acne! The relationship between food and acne has always been controversial, especially fatty food.  Many studies proved that inflammation, increased insulin resistance and increased sugar levels directly aggravates your acne. Ketogenic diet lowers blood glucose levels, decreases insulin resistance and has anti-inflammatory properties. This directly decreases sebum production, reduces inflammation making your acne disappear.

Dietlife advice:

Ketogenic diet is not only a weight loss diet.It offers many benefits and bonuses if followed properly. It has a positive effect on your heart, brain, skin and much more. just to make sure you are following it correctly, follow these simple instructions:

  • Eat enough fat of fish origin: Omega 3 is a magical component in fatty fish ( know more about its benefits here).
  • Eat more low carb vegetables: Fresh Vegetables is nutrient rich and helps you feel full.
  • Don’t indulge in dairy products: to avoid bloating and constipation.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Drink more water: hydration helps you lower your blood pressure, enhances your cardiac functions and gives you a clear skin.
  • Limit your frozen food intake and focus on fresh food because fresh food has more nutrients than frozen ones.
  • Most importantly give your diet more time! Don’t expect results from day one!


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