42 Yummy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas You Will Crave To Eat

As we received many questions asking about the low carb diet, what should be eaten while following it, tips and tricks, meals and eating plans, its pros, and cons..etc.

But let’s start with the definition of low carb diet.

A low carb diet is where you can eat a few carbohydrates and more whole food. Carbohydrates mainly like pasta, sugar, and bread, while whole food like natural proteins, fats, fish, and eggs.

Many studies show that a low carb diet can help to stabilize your blood sugar and drop the hormone insulin. This will increase your fat-burning, reduce your food intake, and lose more weight. 

So we will cover the below points in our article today:

  • Low carb breakfast ideas
  • Low carb breakfast ideas vegetarian
  • Keto low carb breakfast ideas
  • Low carb breakfast ideas without eggs
  • Low carb breakfast ideas for diabetics
  • Low carb breakfast ideas for kids

Let’s talk about each one into details

Low carb breakfast ideas

1- Basic chaffle 

You can cook these chaffless with eggs and cheese and they will be ready in a couple of minutes! You can coat them with either butter or sugar-free syrup.

2- Jack cheese omelets with bacon, avocado & fresh salsa 

In 10 minutes you can prepare this delicious meal that has only 5.7 net carbs.

3- Bell pepper rings filled with eggs & mozzarella

An easy, healthy, and quick meal for your breakfast. It’s a must-try meal if you are into eggs and Mozzarella cheese.

4- Tomato-parmesan quiches

You can prepare these mini quiches and leave them in the refrigerator for 3 days or in the freezer for almost 3 months for a quick and easy breakfast meal.

5- Egg in a hole peppers with avocado salsa

Simply you can cook one egg inside a pepper ring and add a spoon of avocado salsa for a healthy low-carb breakfast meal.

6- Cauliflower-crusted quiche

An amazing low carb breakfast that you can pack your favorite flavor with ham, cheese, or anything else.

7- Ham & cheddar wrapped breakfast burrito

You can prepare this simple burrito by mixing the eggs with Parmesan and cook them in a medium-size pan. Then add the ham and the cheddar cheese in the center of the eggs. Leave them for another couple of minutes and wrap them. 

Low carb breakfast ideas vegetarian

low carb breakfast ideas
low carb breakfast ideas

1- LCHF spinach & feta pie

The easiest low carb vegetarian meal. You can eat it anytime for dinner or lunch. It’s perfect for a school lunch box or for a Saturday picnic.

2- Courgette mint feta fritters

You can eat them with a light salad and yogurt sauce.

3- Spaghetti squash egg nests

It’s a great breakfast meal if you have leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and it works very well with a Paleo diet or Keto diet.

4- Zucchini ricotta tart

Crispy and light tart vegetarian meal and you can eat it anytime of the day. 

5- Green fathead pizza

A delicious alternative to heavy pizza. A healthy mix of feta, onion, mint and zucchini

I think there is no turning back once you try this meal.

6- Spiralized zucchini Asian salad

On a hot summer day, you will need such a meal. No cooking! Just mix some ingredients and enjoy this side dish.

7- Low carb egg salad

The possibilities of this salad are endless. You have tens of ideas for it by adding vegetables like avocado, lettuce, peppers, mushrooms, chili, celery, and many more.

Keto low carb breakfast ideas

Keto low carb breakfast ideas
low carb breakfast ideas

1. 90-second Keto bread

This quick keto-friendly bread is a bit more cakey and tender like an English muffin. You can add a slice of bacon or an egg and you will have a perfect breakfast meal.

2. Breakfast deviled eggs

Getting bored of the same way of eating your egg? Deviled eggs are your choice. You can add mustard, bacon, chives, or other seasonings to cheer them up.

3. Keto pancakes

Although pancakes are not on a low carb diet the keto version solves the case. With almond or coconut flour, cream cheese, banking powder, and eggs and your pancake is ready to be eaten.

4. Low-carb veggie-packed frittata

Nothing is easier than a 20 minutes frittata that can save your stomach. As long as you can stick to low carb options like

  • Vegetables (bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, and avocado)
  • Cheese like parmesan or cheddar
  • Meat (bacon, sausage, pork, and shredded chicken

5. Egg wraps

These wraps can be filled with many options like turkey, ham, prosciutto, and arugula are great too. You can make the wraps with a low carb flour like almond or coconut. These wraps will be looking delicious as finger food and will be perfect for breakfast or lunch.

6. Bacon Gruyère egg bites

Now you can make these sous-vide eggs (cooked in a low-temperature water bath). They are very nice for a breakfast meal and you can mix them with crispy bacon and Gruyère cheese.

7. Cauliflower rice burrito bowl

This burrito is a very nice keto-friendly meal for your day. To keep this recipe as a low carb meal, just try to avoid black beans and corn.

Low carb breakfast ideas without eggs

1- Salad Sandwich

Who said you can’t eat a sandwich without bread? Definitely you can! You can treat lettuce as bread and top it with many varieties and toppings and say hello to your breakfast meal.

2- Low-carb blueberry smoothie

When the sweet blueberries meet the coconut milk, lemon juice and vanilla, this light yummy mix.

3- Tuna salad with capers

In 10 minutes, you can prepare this meal by draining the tune and mixing the other ingredients with salt and pepper and it’s all set to eat!

4- Cheese roll-ups

The fastest, easiest, and simplest recipe in the universe! All you need to do is place a cheese slice and cover it with butter and roll-up. You can eat it as a snack or a quick breakfast meal.

5- Golden granola

Nothing more healthy and yummy like homemade granola! You can eat it with coconut cream or Greek yogurt. It’s very easy and you can carry it anywhere.

6- Chia pudding

Mix your favorite coconut or almond milk with chia seeds and vanilla and your pudding is ready! You can prepare it the night before and it’s all set in the morning for your breakfast.

7- Coconut cream with berries

Do you prefer to eat yogurt in the morning? You can prepare this free dairy mix as your yogurt. Just bring half cup coconut cream, some berries, and vanilla extract, and here you go!

Low carb breakfast ideas for diabetics
low carb breakfast ideas for diabetics
low carb breakfast ideas

1- Egg muffins with turkey

The taste of these egg muffins are tasty and easily prepared and you will get only 2 grams of carbs per muffin!

2- Protein pancakes

Ready in 10 minutes with 22 grams of protein, these fluffy pancakes can be a breakfast meal, eat them before bedtime or a pre-workout snack.

3- Smoked salmon & cream cheese wraps

No cooking involved, just mix all the ingredients in a tortilla and you will get a great make-and-go meal.

4- Whipped cottage cheese breakfast bowl

Cottage cheese is a perfect choice for a low carb and high protein meal, but whipping it takes it to a new level of taste. You can wipe it for 2 or 3 minutes and top it with berries and hazelnut and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. 

5- Pumpkin pancakes

High protein, gluten-free breakfast meal! What makes pumpkin pancakes unique that they are free of sugar and they have 16 grams of carbs only. Amazing, isn’t it? 

6- Cauliflower oatmeal

Sweet and savory taste in one meal, WOW! This plate is worth trying and you won’t be disappointed if you give it a shot. 

7- Cottage cheese pancakes

You need cottage cheese, egg whites, oats, vanilla extract, and stevia. Prepare the pancake and you can add strawberries, sugar-free jam, or peanut butter. This meal has 27 grams of protein and 18 grams of carbs only. 

Low carb breakfast ideas for kids
low carb breakfast ideas for kids
low carb breakfast ideas

1- McGriddle sandwiches

This meal is very easy for a quick breakfast meal for your kid and you can prepare it ahead and store in the fridge. The varieties of fillings are endless as you can make with eggs, bacon, cheese, or sausage.

2- French toast egg puffs

All our kids are in love with muffins, so don’t you think that they will adore them with a french form. 

3- Sausage pancake muffins

I tried to make these sausage muffins and they only took 15 minutes from me to prepare them. They are super easy and I packed them for almost a week for my weekly breakfast. 

4- Catalina crunch 

I can say it’s one of my favorite low carb breakfast meals. I can have it with heavy cream which can keep me full till lunchtime. 

5- Raspberry almond chia pudding

In a couple of minutes, you can have a sweet chia pudding that can be stored for five days in your fridge. Also, it’s a good option for people who are following a vegan or even paleo diet.

6- Almond butter mug cake

This almond cake is an amazing dessert as a breakfast option. There are infinite ways to change this cake; peanut butter, chocolate chip, chocolate hazelnut, fresh or frozen blueberries, or you can try different flavors of stevia.

7- Chewy Keto bagels

Easily made bagels that are nut-free and only take 10 minutes of preparation. Optional topping can be sesame seeds, poppyseed, dried minced onion, coarse salt, and melted butter.

Bottom line

If you want to have an amazing body, a healthy lifestyle, and a great success story to tell. You need to start now, and you need to understand that no one said that losing weight, being committed to a diet, and working out are going to be easy, but everyone said that it is going to be worthy.

Yes, watching everything you eat, and paying attention to your daily habits can be boring sometimes. And, yes, sometimes you will feel that it is easier to just let go of everything and eat what you want when you want it. But, do you know what you are losing by giving up on yourself now?

You are losing a healthier version of you in the future, you are losing a better immune system, and you are losing a stronger version of you who knows that she fought hard to be the person she will look at in the near future.

Now, if you are willing to try this, fight for yourself, and start reshaping the future you. We recommend that you check out these articles, too. Where you are going to find vegetables and fruits with high protein to help you go, tips and tricks that will help you stick to a diet, and you can also find more dieting options like plant-based diet and vegan diet, not to mention that we also have a shorter way to lose 2 pounds a week.

Also, if you prefer the low-carb diet, you have to read well about each type and choose one that suits your lifestyle, your personal health goals, and of course your food preferences.

So, how can we help you now? Please comment below if you have any further questions, or you need any more details. We would love to help you reach the goal weight you have been trying to reach all of your life!

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