12 Astonishing Keto Diet Tips and Tricks

Ketogenic diet has tons of benefits, make sure you are making use of all keto diet tips and tricks by following this simple guide.

Ketogenic diet is the trendiest diet of all time! It has proven itself worthy in the last 10 years. Almost everyone who have completed a whole cycle of ketogenic diet, swear by its regimen! ” Fats make you fat” debunked forever!

Ketogenic diet is high fat, low carb diet where more than 70% of your daily caloric intake come directly from fatty acids in your food. It also restricts you from having carbs (less than 5-10%) and only 20-30% of your energy should come from protein sources.

Getting enough protein is one of the most important Keto diet tips

This high fat allows your body to make use of the excess fat by creating a metabolic state called ” ketosis”. This magical state uses only fatty acids as the source of fuel for the body and brain, not glucose or amino acids.

When fatty acids are broken down in this process, byproducts known as ketone bodies are produced. They act as fuel molecules for the brain, so you always feel mentally and physically full.

This low carb diet too, lets you lose weight like crazy (to know how many pounds you can expect to lose each week on keto diet, click here).

Its advantages are almost countless, they include lowering heart diseases’ risks, treatment of cancer, treatment of diabetes type 2, decreasing epilepsy and lowering blood pressure and much more! (more about ketogenic benefits here).

This doesn’t mean that Ketodiet is magic! Because guess what, if not followed properly it may carry some disadvantages and maybe dangers. Ketogenic diet downfalls include:

  1. Ketosis and ketoacidosis
  2. Keto-flu symptoms
  3. Bad breath
  4. Fatigue, lethargy, insomnia and loss of concentration.
  5. Diarrhea and vomiting
  6. Reduced athletic performance
  7. Reduced muscle mass.
  8. Social isolation and weight obsession.
  9. Hypotension
  10. Liver, heart and kidney diseases’ risk.
  11. Vitamins deficiency
  12. Reduced immunity.
  13. Weight cycling.

To know exactly how each one of those may happen in Ketodiet and how do they affect your health, read this article.

So, how can you follow a ketogenic diet, devour its advantages and ditch its disadvantages??

Dietlife will tell you all about keto diet tips and tricks!

First tip: Check with your nutritionist!

Keto diet tips Check your nutritionist

One of the most pivotal steps is consulting your doctor. If you follow the diet without supervision, you are risking your health because simply you may be ineligible for keto diet! Who is absolutely ineligible for keto diet? And who is not? Find out about them here.

Second tip: Cut your carbs gradually.

Since you have to follow a highly restrictive diet, where your carb intake will drop massively from 50% (at least) to a drastic 5%. It is better if you start cutting off your carbs gradually. Start by decreasing your carbs 10 gm a week till you hit a solid 50 gm per day.

This method makes you avoid a lot of side effects like keto-flu, diarrhea, fatigue and more.

Why should you cut your carbs? check for the reason here!

Third tip:  Drink water! Drink water! Drink more water!

Dehydration is your enemy in ketogenic diet, beat it by drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. This will make your satiety centers full, your bowel movement will work like a clock, you will lose fats faster, and as a bonus it will make your skin glow!

Fourth tip: Consume more fatty fish:

Fatty fish are rich in long chain omega-3 fatty acid. It has numerous functions; it has anti-inflammatory effects, it helps improve your immunity, strengthens your memory and can improve your acne. Best sources of omega 3 that are keto friendly include: salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel and herring.

Fifth tip: Low carb veggies is now your best friend

Any good diet always advises you to eat good green leafy vegetables. Well Ketodiet is no excuse. It also depends on eating fresh leafy greenish veggies as they help balance your hormones, improves skin texture, enhances bowel movement and prevents constipation. Do not go for starchy vegetables that grows underground like: potato, sweet potato, carrots and beets. From now on broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach and zucchini are your new besties!

Sixth tip: Dairy, Dairy quite contrary!

Although dairy products are very keto-friendly and in fact are one of the most important ingredients of Ketodiet, having too much mascarpone cheese or adding butter to butter may cause your acne to flare, your stomach to growl and your intestine to bloat! Use only fresh dairy products and try detecting your limits on lactose will help you avoid any possible side effect!

So, what else can you use instead of dairy? Check these dairy-alternatives!

Seventh tip: Make sure you are in ketosis

What is ketosis? Why is it essential for weight loss in ketogenic diet? Ketosis explained here.

After understanding why ketosis is important, make sure you follow a ketogenic diet for at least one week before confirming you have reached a ketonic state. Still not sure? Then go for lab tests, a breath analyzer or simple urine strips for ketone bodies. These are affirmative tests of the amount of ketone bodies in your body and whether you have reached ketosis or stopped!? How to buy them and where to find them?

Eighth tip: Watch out for hidden carbs:

Keto friendly ingredients have hundreds of options, some are great options and some not so much! So, watch out, you may be choosing keto-friendly food but they are full of hidden carbs if not measured carefully!

For example, nuts! Nuts are great keto snacks. But if you consume them in huge quantities then you are eating more carbs than fats! This will totally throw you off your keto-wagon and will gain weight instead of losing it! Try avoiding fruits altogether, we know it is healthy and everything, but it is sugar (fructose) loaded, so don’t fall for the banana trap!

Ninth tip: Don’t starve yourself!

Some myth says, don’t eat and you’ll lose weight! This myth is not only wrong, but it is also very dangerous. Some people combine ketogenic diet with low caloric diet! This means your body is not getting enough of anything! So, it goes into starvation mode and starts ruining everything! Your basal metabolic rate, your excess fat, your muscle mass and your overall health.

Eat in moderation, so your body feels safe and starts losing weight instead of health!

Tenth tip: Ketodiet and intermittent fasting hand in hand!

After a few weeks of following the ketogenic diet you may hit the plateau phase. Instead of giving it up altogether and feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Adding intermittent fasting is one of the most important keto diet tips we can give you. Simply stop eating (drink water and green tea only) in your fasting window (whether 18-16-14 hours), and eat your normal ketogenic diet in your eating window (6-8-10 hours).

Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting go hand in hand in your weight loss journey as your body benefits from the limited eating time (no more late-night snacks),  and as your body can only tolerate a certain amount of food a time, so minimizing your eating window directly minimizes your daily caloric intake.

Ketodiet and intermittent fasting together, reduce appetite, makes you feel full most of the time and limits your cravings and Netflix snacking!

Trick: When you go with intermittent fasting while on keto always make sure that you allow your body to go through an adjustment period. Eat only keto-approved vitamin and nutritious packed foods in your eating window. Measure your ketone levels regularly and make sure your eating the exact number of calories your body needs.

Eleventh tip: avoid stress!

Stress, any type of stress, mental or physical can promote cortisol production.

This hormone retains salt and water and gives false readings on your scale! When stress is your lifestyle, cortisol is produced constantly, leading to extra fat deposition around your abdomen and could cause insulin resistance and eventually lead to diabetes type 2.

Relax and chill so you can avoid all the exhausting side effects!

Twelfth tip: Patience is a virtue!

Don’t rush the results! If your friend lost 10kg in two weeks that doesn’t mean you would lose 15 kg in one week! Following ketogenic diet religiously doesn’t mean you will get the exact results as your keto-partner! Our bodies don’t work that way! Give your body time to understand, adapt and improve. And remember if there is something wrong with your diet, consult your nutritionist so you can detect the defect and work on it!

Dietlife advice:

Ketogenic diet is not a magical pill for weight loss. In fact, it needs diligent work and effort. But some still don’t get the expected result! To avoid this kind of frustration, follow our keto-tips and always consult with your doctor.



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