Ketogenic Diet Nuts – Why They Are So Important

Ketogenic diet goes NUTS!

When you are following a low carb, high fat diet also known as Ketogenic diet finding the perfect snacks for your movie night is really tricky. Luckily, Ketogenic diet nuts have come to the rescue.

Why? How is ketogenic diet different than other diets? Find out here.

Since the options with keto diet are really slim, you may start considering backing down on your diet just because you don’t know what to nibble on when you are Netflixing!

Worry no more, nuts and seeds are here to save the day! They are full of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers and anti-oxidants. And with minimal amounts of carbohydrates, they serve as the best ketogenic snack ever!

Not only do they serve as snacks, you can add them to your salads for an extra crunch, or may be blend them for a creamy or crunch nut butter spread!

What are the best ketogenic diet nuts? And how many carbs, fats, protein and fibers does each one of them have? And what are the total calories of each?


It is rich in nutrients; fibers and some studies confirm that eating almost 40 grams of pecans a day can improve insulin sensitivity compared to control group.

2. Brazilian nuts:

From its name, these nuts are planted and grown in South America and they are considered a great source of selenium which is a trace element necessary for reproduction, protein synthesis and many other important physiological processes. But take care, having too much Brazilian nuts can be of negative effect on your body.

3. Chia seeds:

Chia seeds are important ketogenic diet nuts

Those tiny black and /or white seeds hold the record for being full of fibers, omega-3 fats and much more. You can add them to your salad, to your Greek yogurt, you can bake them into a keto-cracker and you can turn them into delicious puddings (find recipes here). Omega-3 fats are the best fats you can offer your body, they have super anti-inflammatory functions.

A published 6 months study proved that a handful of chia seeds in a 1k caloric intake per day have displayed significant reductions of CRP one of the most famous inflammatory markers in comparison to the control group. They have also shown more weight loss and slimmer waists.

4. Macadamia nuts:

They grow down under too, but mainly from Australia, they are of high fat content making them perfect for ketodiet. These tasty nuts improve your cholesterol levels and you can turn them into milk, butter, carb-less flour and have low carb desserts every time you crave them.

5. Flax seeds:

As chia seeds, flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fats and fibers too. studies confirmed that one ounce of flax seeds daily can treat hypertension (elevated blood pressure) in comparison to control groups because they have significant effects on your heart’ health.

Flax seeds are good recipe additives, you can add them to your bakery line, soups, shakes and smoothies. Bonus: transform them into a gel (by this recipe), add them to your scrunchy hair and enjoy bouncy curl whenever you want with this natural gel.

6. Walnuts:

They are famous, popular and everyone’s favorite. And they are your doctor’s favorite too. why? Because studies showed that walnuts daily decreases bad cholesterol levels and improve your blood pressure and they boost your memory too.

Eat them as a snack, add them to your brownies and fudge or sprinkle them on your keto-mousse. (find recipes here)

7. Hemp seeds:

They are not that famous like other seeds; they seed of Cannabis sativa plants which makes it a great plant-based protein and fat source. They are rich in linoleic acid which is a fat famous for protecting against Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases in various animal studies. Hemp seeds also help reduces blood pressure.

You can use hemp seeds in keto-friendly substitute for oatmeal or you can crunch it as a salad topping and you can add it to smoothies and shakes.

8. Hazelnuts:

Who does not know hazelnuts and its delicious taste? It has a smooth buttery texture and it makes the perfect nut spread (alone or with dark chocolate) and is your cherry on top for all your keto-friendly desserts as you can turn into hazelnut flour and substitute for the carb loaded flour.

They are great sources of Vitamin E which a powerful anti-oxidant, that works by stopping the harmful free radicals from damaging your body especially your heart.

Hazelnuts can also reduce bad cholesterol, decreasing the risk of cardiac problems.

9. Sesame seeds:

You are familiar with sesame seeds, you used them to top your burger bun, but now you can put them to better use. You can sprinkle them on salads, keto-crackers, keto-breads and keto approved tahini (find the recipes here).

Sesame seeds are getting anti-inflammatory food as they are rich in anti-oxidants. This means that they improve your cholesterol levels and your heart’s health too.

10. Pine nuts:

They are famous ingredients in pesto the tasty Italian sauce that’s made of olive oil, parmesan cheese and basil.

They pair well with may great foods and they give you all the fat you need in your ketogenic diet. This fat is called pinolenic acid that suppresses your appetite by regulating Cholecystokinin and GLP-1 that are the hormones responsible for your hunger and satiety.

11. Sunflower seeds:

As all seeds we mentioned earlier, sesame seeds are rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, phenolic acids and flavonoids. they are great salad toppings and get them as butter too.

12. Almonds:

The star of keto nuts is ALMONDS! You can have them raw, roasted, as milk, as butter as flour they are just the perfect keto NUT!

Not only do they make the perfect snacks, they are rich in protein, healthy fats, fibers, vitamin E, copper, antioxidants and magnesium.

They help decrease health risks of diabetes type 2, cardiac problems and also brain problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

Almond flour makes the perfect substitute to flours in most of your baked good and desserts too, almond nut butter is the best butter you can add to your beautiful morning and if you are vegan, then almond milk is the perfect keto-vegan non-dairy product out there!

13. Peanuts:

Peanuts are not actually NUTS! They are beans rather than nuts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in your ketodiet. All you have to do is add them unsalted and unsweetened.

They are rich in amino acids (especially leucine) that is the building block of proteins that makes your muscle! They make tasteful snacks, butters and shakes.

And you can add them directly to your salad, satay sauce and desserts.

Diet life advice:

Nuts and seeds are a great versatile super nutrient. they can help you fight diseases, reduces health risks, lower your blood pressure, improve your heart’s health and your blood glucose level.

They do so by being rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibers. All that with addition to being 100% ketofriendly when taken in the right amounts.

They are not tasteless, or hard to swallow. in fact, they are great raw snacks that require no preparation. They are tasty roasted, and they are a perfect addition to many recipes including salads, dressings, dipping, sauces, desserts, smoothies and shakes!

Not only that, you can crush them, blend them, process them into nut milk, butter and flour and use them as low carb substitute to the unhealthy choice.

They are vegan, keto and paleo – friendly.

Just have a handful of them daily, indulge in their benefits and reap the rewards!


Every ounce (28 grams) of the following has a total of:

Nut/seeds calories protein fat carbs
Pecan 196 3 20 4
Brazil nuts 185 4 19 3
Chia seeds 138 5 9 12
Macadamia nut 204 2 21 4
Flax seeds 131 6 9 9
walnuts 185 4 18 4
Hemp seeds 155 9 14 2
hazelnuts 178 4 17 5
Sesame seeds 160 5 13 7
Pine nuts 191 4 19 4
Sunflowers seeds 164 6 14 6
almonds 164 6 14 5



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