Low Carbohydrate Diet In Simple Words

What a low carbohydrate diet is can be easily understood from its name. It is a diet where you cut down and somehow debunk the carbohydrate sources in your diet. But on the other hand, you will increase your intake of both protein and fats. So, in order to understand how this diet goes, you have to understand what are the sources of carbs that you consume on a daily basis in your diet. The sources of carbs that we consume heavily are grains, starchy vegetables and fruits. Not to mention that any sources of sugar or sweets that you eat are considered carbohydrates also.

Why do people consider following this diet? Because simply it helps you to shed off some body fat and calories. So, this means losing weight, improving your health state and reducing the health factors associated with many chronic diseases.

Types of Carbohydrates

So, let me explain to you the types of Carbohydrates we consume whether in our food or in our beverages. Carbohydrates are a type of nutrient that provides calories to your body that consequently, your body burns to provide energy.

So it is one of the fuel sources that provide energy to your body. The Carbohydrates that exist in our diets can be categorized into Simple refined Carbohydrates like sugar, Simple natural carbohydrates as the lactose in milk and fructose in fruits.

There are also complex refined carbs as wheat, naturally refined carbs as whole grains. The sources of natural carbohydrates are legumes, grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and milk. Most processed food contains refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, pasta, cakes, candies, sodas, Etc. Those refined carbohydrates are not good for your health when consumed in huge amounts.

White bread for low carbohydrate diet

The Body takes up these carbohydrates. And during their digestion, complex carbohydrates are converted into simple sugars. Those simple sugars or in other words called glucose are absorbed into your blood. When glucose enters the blood and its level is raised this provokes the pancreas to secrete insulin.

Insulin provokes your body cells to take up the sugars in order to use them to produce the energy needed for your body to function. The extra sugars are stored into different body parts whether muscles, liver or other body cells. And the excess your body will store them as fat.

S0, When you consume huge amounts of carbohydrates above your body needs, your body will start to convert them into fats and store those fats in your body in its different parts leading to gaining weight and becoming obese.

Low carbohydrate diet aim

The aim behind this low carbohydrate diet is to lower your intake of carbohydrates. When you consume fewer carbs, your body will not have to release insulin as there are no sugars in blood to get into your cells.

In this case, your body cells will have to burn down the stored fats to release the needed energy by your body. All this will simply lead to decreasing your body weight. And as proven by studies it is one of the most effective and fast ways to lose weight. There are many versions of this diet, all of them based on the same idea which is to cut down your carbohydrates.

On a side note, this diet also is one of the diets followed by type II diabetes patients as it helps them fight off diabetes by decreasing their blood sugar level as mentioned earlier. And of course, this helps them avoid any further diabetes complications such as heart diseases, neuritis and strokes.

 Food To Eat On a Low Carb Diet


Besides that, you need to omit processed food and sugars from your diet, you should start including those foods. All types of meat, whether poultry or red meat as lamb, beef or pork. One of the best things about this diet is that you can consume as much seafood as you want. Which luckily is a very good source of omega 3.

This is a very important vitamin that helps decrease the risk of getting any serious disease as ischemic heart diseases for example or any other disease you get due to ageing. Some examples for fish you can add to your diet are salmon and haddock.


If you are stuck and do not know what to eat for breakfast? Eggs are always a good answer.

Eggs with all its forms whether omelette, scrambled, sunny-side up or even poached, they are a really good source of protein.

And eggs are also a good source of omega 3, yeah I know did not see this coming nether.


Even if you are going to cut down your carbohydrates that does not mean to deprive your body of the needed vitamins your body is in need of. You just have to try to avoid the starchy vegetables and go for the leafy ones. Leafy vegetables can be spinach, arugula and lettuce. Other vegetables could be broccoli and carrots.


Though fruits are a source of fructose which is a complex form of glucose, which is broken down to glucose, they are very important sources of vitamins. That is why you should include even a small amount in your diet throughout the week.

But just be careful to pick the ones with the least amount of carbohydrates. These fruits could be apples, oranges, strawberries and berries they are good sources of vitamin c and iron. This will be beneficial to your body so you just have to fix the amount you supply your body with.


The same scenario goes for nuts. They are a good source of healthy oils and vitamins. So, you just have also to put consideration the amount you add to your diet.

The nice thing is that nuts add taste and value to your meals when you add them to it. The nuts you can add to your diet could be pistachio, whole nuts and almonds.

Also, seeds are a good option too, add them to your salad add it will add much taste and texture. You can also add nuts to your recipes whether meat or chicken and I can guarantee that it will be amazing.

High-Fat dairy products

As we mentioned earlier that this diet is mainly based on protein and fats as sources of energy and also basically food in such a diet as low carbohydrates diet. So if you use natural fats this can be beneficial in this diet. Some dairy products are a good source of fats as butter, cheese, heavy cream and yoghurt.

Add this to your breakfast, for example, different types of cheese along with some vegetables, or smoked salmon. Yoghurt with some granola or fruits is a good idea too.


You are allowed to use different types of natural oils in your cooking as you are allowed to eat fats in your diet anyway.

These oils could be, virgin olive oil & coconut oil. So whenever you feel like having some steer fried beef or chicken in Asian food,  grab some coconut oil or olive oil and let the chef inside you improvize.

But be careful with the sauces as many of them contain a great amount of sugar like siracha& teriyaki sauce for example.

Allowed In Small amounts

There are some types of food that contain small amounts of carbs that you may eat but in a limited amount or small portions. If you are going physical and exercising in a good way you can include the following in your  diet, for example:

Unrefined grains:

These grains are healthy since they are unrefined but only allowed in small amounts. These grains include brown rice, oats and quinoa. Quinoa is a perfect addition to some salads specially from the Meditteranean cuisine.

Dark chocolate:

Well, yay. Life without chocolate is a dark place and I am not that evil to deprive you of such a pleasure. You are allowed to use dark chocolates with at least 70 % pure cocoa.

That is not that hard to find as many brands produce dark chocolate with this amount of pure cocoa or even more. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and may provide health benefits if you eat it in moderation. So, be very careful because you can uptake a huge amount od chocolate without even noticing.


If you like Middeteranian cusisne you will easily like to add this to your meals. You can eat lentils, beans and black beans.

There is something you have to note is that you are allowed to consume only 20 to 60 grams as a daily limit in your low carbohydrate diet.

Health Benefits

Low carbohydrates diet is always a good idea if you want to lose weight fast, as it was proven to help people to shed a great amount of fat and calories within a short period of time.

And it was proven by studies to be very effective especially in the first 3 months of your diet. shedding weight from your body can help you improve or even reverse diabetes. It also helps you improve your heart conditions if you are suffering from heart diseases. Improves blood pressure and decreases the cholesterol level in your blood.

Health Risks

If you suddenly cut off all carbohydrates from your diet while your body is using them as amain source of its ebergy it will lead to some risks. These risks are usually temporary and they are a headache, bad breath, weakness, muscle cramps and fatigue.

So better to reduce the carbohydrates gradually and then start Low carbohydrate diet.

Bottom Line

Low carbohydrate diet is one of the best diets to follow if you want to lose weight fast. It has many health benifits, but you only have to be careful with the withdrawal of carbohydrates from your body.

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